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KOYORI Paper Lacquer Plate

KOYORI Paper Lacquer Plate


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The KOYORI Series has been a long-seller for over 30 years since it was first created from the wish to expand the use of paper in our daily life. These paper vessels are characterized by their formation using Japanese lacquer called “dry lacquer formation” and “Nagato”. The former repeatedly lacquers the groundwork which is fashioned by gluing such materials as paper and hemp cloth with Japanese lacquer; and the latter recurrently lacquers the base work which is formed by braiding the twisted paper strings like bamboo work. The KOYORIi Series is produced by unique techniques using paper strings and Japanese lacquer, aiming at light and functional living utensils. 

Designed by Studio Gala | Ryoichi Kobayashi

Boat Plate: W120 L230 H35 mm | W5" L9" H1"

Interlaced Plate: W105 L230 H20 mm | W4" L9" H1" 

Large Square Plate: W400 L400 H60 mm | W16" L16" H2"

Long Boat Plate: W120 L600 H30 mm | W5" L24" H1"

Tray: W400 L315 H25 mm | W16" L12" H1"

Natural urushi lacquer + woven washi strings

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