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Wood Pot

Wood Pot


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Made with thinly sliced solid wood, the WOOD POT is a fun and unique item for you to express yourself.  Use it as a holder for your posters or wrapping paper. Keep your yarns and needles in it and carry it around neatly. Put one in the living room as a stylish dust bin for people who wants to be surrounded by beautiful things. Just don't put in anything wet! 

The Designer | Hiroshi Yajima
W240 D420 H630 mm
W9.5" x D16.5" x H25"
Hard Maple / Walnut
The Maker | Nissin 
This simple yet beautiful pot is made by Nissin, a renowned furniture maker located in the craftsman town Hida Takayama in Japan. For over 70 years they have pursued the concept of “using traditional techniques to provide modern-style furniture that fits a modern lifestyle.” Skilled crafters;  best materials. Nissin spares no efforts in pursuing high quality and offers furniture that lets you feel the warmth of wood that will last for many years.

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