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Fuk Sofa 1-Seater


Fuk Sofa 1-Seater


The FUK series is designed by Tomita Kazuhiko, one of the most robust product designers from Nagasaki, Japan. Trained and worked in London and Milan, Tomita designed the FUK Sofa with the image of smiling people at happy events. "FUK" (pronounced as "fu-ku") means happiness in Japanese, and the FUK Sofa embodied the designer's warm nature and his unique aesthetics. This sofa is not only pleasant to look at, the carefully calculated reclined angle and harder cushions guaranteed that it is also comfortable to sit on.

Designed by: Tomita Kazuhiko

W600 D690 H720 mm

SH400 mm

W24" x D27" x H28"


White Ash / Walnut + Fabric / Leather



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