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Stoneware Sculpture

Stoneware Sculpture


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"Stoneware Sculpture” is a collection of Iwami pottery. Iwami is known for producing extremely hard and sturdy ceramic sculptures. To made a piece of pottery the size of a table, it demands not only technique but strength of the pottery master. Pottery master Takayuki Shimada is the creator of the “Stoneware Sculpture”. To make a 16.5” tall piece with a circumference of 12.6”, Master Shimada needs to create a 50” tall piece of clay around 65 lbs each, and then let it dry naturally, which involves a lot of transporting between indoors and outdoors himself depending on the weather conditions. Every piece is crafted by Master Shimada with care.

These pieces are extremely durable (hence the name "stoneware"), and can be used as side tables or stools, indoors or outdoors.

Crafted by Takayuki Shimada

φ32 x 42 cm
φ13 x 17"
     Pawn           Knight        General         Lance
     Rook           Bishop         Queen          King
            Transparent  /  Kuroame                      Warahai   /  Gosu

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