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SUZURI Makie Plate

SUZURI Makie Plate

Ogatsu-cho in Miyagi prefecture is known for its quality stone, which has been used to make ink stone since the Muromachi Era (1336-1573). It is a clay slate, called Gensho Stone, formed a few hundred million years ago and is known for the of its beautiful black color. Ink stone made of Gensho Stone has also been an important part of the Japanese traditional crafts, having over a 600-years history. Studio Gala’s SUZURI Series features tableware made from this Gensho Stone and has been a long-tern seller since 1982. Each item is carefully handmade by Ogatsu-cho’s artisans. It is in harmony with modern interior with its own moderate and yet unique presence and has been used in a range of first-class restaurants and hotels.

Designed by Studio Gala | Ryoichi Kobayashi

Standard: W150 L150 H9 mm | W6" L6" H0.35"
Large: W300 L180 H9 mm | W12" L7" H0.35"
Gensho stone
Patterns: Snowflake, Thread, Mist, Vine

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