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OOKKUU - Modern Furniture, Lighting & Tableware, Japanese Crafted. Based in Los Angeles and Tokyo. Serving professionals and individuals.

Pronounced as 'oh-koo, the name OOKKUU is derived from the Japanese word 奥 (oku). It carries the meaning of depth and profundity. Our mission is to offer deep qualities - heritage of the art of making (monozukuri); realization of the best visual, tactile and structural characters of the materials; and lasting functions and presence of the pieces in a space over time. 

We do this by working with the best makers that produce in Japan - we carry select items from the best manufacturers that exemplify such qualities, and we develop products with top-notch specialty makers that embrace such spirit. 

Exceeding the highest industrial standards, our products are suitable for both commercial projects and home use. Feel free to contact us by email or create an account (see our privacy policy) for further details. 

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