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These are some of the prestigious projects that use our furniture.

United States

Willis Tower, Chicago

Item: TWW Windsor Love Chair, Sola Coffee Table, Seoto Sofa, Karimoku Lobby Chair

The pieces used for this project pair the fun and refinement of mid-century modern design with utmost comfort.

Willis Tower, Tower House, Chicago

Item: Windsor Love Chair

The Windsor Love Chair adds warmth and sophistication to the residential Tower House.

Chef's Table, Providence Restaurant, Los Angeles

Item: Coty Chair

The Coty Chair was hand-picked to be used at the Chef's Table of this acclaimed restaurant. It features a refined design that retains a natural quality.

Private Residence, Princeville, Hawaii

Item: The First Chair and the First Ottoman

Combing ergonomics and the finest materials, the First Chair provides a first-class experience with an intuitive reclinable mechanism. 

Wild Ginger Restaurant, Bellevue, WA

Item: Forms Bench


Eaton Hotel Washington D.C.

Items: TWW Side Table, Sola Side Table, Seoto Coffee Table

Gou Sou En Tea House, Brookline, MA

Items: Civil Chair

O-Ku Sushi Restaurant, Washington D.C.

Item: TWW Side Table

Lido House, Newport Beach

Item: Yamanami Rope Chair

Private residence, San Francisco

Item: Seoto Arm Chair All-wood

Fera - Mallorca, Spain

Item:  Suzugami

Pacific Standard Time - Chicago, IL

Item: Civil Chair

Blue Bottle Coffee - San Francisco

Item: Taper Stools

Harvard Smith Campus Center - Cambridge, MA

Item: Carota High Chairs




Marae Izakaya, Chadstone, Australia

Item: Splinter Dining Chair

The simple yet beautiful splinter chair fits into this Izakaya setting in Australia.  

Higher Ground Restaurant, Melbourne

Item: Splinter Dining Chair

This chair is the winner of the Good Design Award 2014 and fits perfectly in this upscale cafe.

Maggie Centre, Manchester UK 

Item: Kisaragi Dining Arm Chair & Kisaragi Sofa

The warm look and feel of the compressed Japanese cedar invites and relaxes all those who visit. 

Alarde Restaurant, Osaka

Item: Splinter Dining Chair

Here, the Splinter Dining Chair is used at an upscale Spanish restaurant in the great culinary city of Osaka.

Wagashi Kurogi, Tokyo

Item: Twain Chair

This signature space created by Kengo Kuma utilizes the hand woven Twain chair which matches the stunning view perfectly.


Item: GC Chair

The GC chair accents the Twain chair nicely in this outdoor space.

Pigment, Tokyo

Item: GC Chair

This is another stunning interior design by Kengo Kuma. The designer’s GC Chair looks even more ethereal when used in the newly renovated Pigment Tokyo.

Starbucks, Fukuoka

Item: GC Chair

This beautifully simple chair brings a cool aesthetic to this newly designed Starbucks in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Jugetsudo GINZA KABUKIZA, Tokyo

Item: NC Chair

The NC Chair is designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Here, the NC Chairs are in action at the newly renovated Kabuki theater in Tokyo.

Toyama Kirari Glass Art Museum, Toyama

Item: NC Chair

The NC chair's simple, clean design emphasizes the contemporary look of this stunning museum.

TROISGROS Japon, Tokyo

Item: Leon Arm Chair

The Leonardo and Leon chairs added the classic chic to this exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant.

TROISGROS Japon, Tokyo 

Item: Leonardo Chair 

The Leonardo and Leon chairs added the classic chic to this exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant. 

Araya Totoan Onsen, Ishikawa

Item: Nightfly Chair

In this luxurious Onsen (hot spring) the Nightfly chair adds to the relaxing, beautiful experience.

Sheraton Kobe Marchais, Kobe

Item: Forms Chair & Forms Stackable Chair

The simple yet sophisticated design of the two Forms Chairs continues the theme of a natural, rustic, yet clean space.

Bridge Cafe, Nagasaki

Item: Sail Chair, Mesa Table, Ibiza Bench, Ballena Chair



Fratello Di Mikuni Cafe & Lodge, Hokkaido

Item: BCDT Bar Stool

Located in the beautiful plains of Hokkaido, the BCDT Bar Stool is used at this sophisticated Cafe and Lodge to add to the modern, rustic aesthetic.

Shimanomori Children's Center, Mie

Item: Cobrina Sofa & Cobrina Chair

The playful feeling of the Cobrina collection suits this Children's Center perfectly.

Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture, Gifu

Item: Kisaragi Sofa & Kisaragi Table

The sophisticated & innovative Kisaragi collection adds a sense of style to this lounge room.

Honjin Hironaya Hotel, Gifu

Item: TWW Windsor Love Chair

The warm feeling of wood brings a special, cozy feeling of this hotel.

Menicon Music Annex, Nagoya

Item: Seoto Chair

The unique design of the Seoto Chair complements the modern aesthetic of this space.

Takitei Hotel & Hot Spring, Kanazawa

Item: Gecca Chair

The intricate bamboo back of the Gecca Chair reflects the beauty of nature that surrounds this striking hotel.

Takitei Hotel & Hot Spring, Kanazawa

Item: Boss Chair

The luxurious feeling of the Boss Lounge chair adds a relaxing air to this space.

Kanazawa College of Art Yanagi Sori Design Memorial, Kanazawa

Item: Sori Yanagi Chair & Arm Chair

The innovative designer Sori Yanagi has his work honored at this Design Memorial.

Kanazawa College of Art Yanagi Sori Design Memorial, Kanazawa

Item: Sori Yanagi Stool & Tea Table

The innovative designer Sori Yanagi has his work honored at this Design Memorial.

Ame ni mo Makezu Restaurant, Tokyo

Item: Forms Chair  

The simple forms chair coexists beautifully with the spartan traditional Japanese interior. 


Susaki Restaurant, Takayama, Japan

Item: Step-Step Stool

The beautiful and innovative Step-Step stool blends perfectly with the style of this upscale restaurant.


Ito Clinic, Tokyo

Item: Offset Arm Chair

Offset is a stackable and light-weight Windsor style arm chair which adds a unique touch to this modern space.


Taichung Opera House Cafe, Taiwan

Item: Kinoe Chair

Each Kinoe chair uses a naturally found piece of unfinished wood, making each piece one of a kind.


Seamarq Hotel, South Korea

Item: Philip Arm Chair, Beta Floor Lamp

Perfect for hospitality, the Philip chair is compact while maintaining style.


Seamarq Hotel, South Korea

Item: My Funny Valentine Bar Stool

The My Funny Valentine Bar Stool’s natural wood adds warmth to this sleek, contemporary Korean Hotel's design.

K Reform Headquarter, Yokohama, Japan

Item: Forms Stackable Chair

K Reform Headquarter, Yokohama, Japan

Item: Forms Bar Stool

JR Kyushu Sweet Train and Seven Stars Train, Kyushu, Japan

Item: Door Handles, Door Knobs/Coat Hangers


In TV Drama

Japanese Drama, "Let Me Call You Father-in-Law"

Item: Creer Dining Chair

The Creer Dining Chair with it’s dramatic sharp lines may appear extreme, but as can be seen here, it can be used in many different surroundings.

Japanese Drama, "Sales Manager Natsuko Kira"

Item: Hanabi Floor Stand

The Hanabi Floor stand brings light and style to any space

Japanese Drama, "For the Romantic"

Item: Fact Work Table

The Fact Work Table has a rustic, homey feel that is perfect for the kitchen or dining room.

Japanese Drama, "Chef ~Three Star School Lunch~"

Item: Shin Arm Chair

Made from solid iron, the Shin Chair has an industrial look - but is also versatile as can be seen in this warm, natural setting.


Japanese Drama, "The Aristocrat Detective"

Item: Hokore Pendant Light, Creer High Back Chair