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Karimoku60 was born in the 1960s, an era when "making" is the only thing that matters.
The factory, located in the center of Aichi prefecture, is the largest furniture factory in Japan.
Highly skilled craftsmen, combines with modern machinery, resulting in the unique and high quality products offered at an affordable price.
Started as a furniture maker mainly exporting items for the US, Karimoku began producing western style furniture for the domestic market in 1962, in response to the booming post Tokyo Olympic Japan.
The first product from the collection was the K Chair, a long-time favorite that has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020.
Constantly evolving, the latest effort fo the collection to answer consumers' needs is the new Pattern Color Order system. Now customers can easily find the combination of wood and fabric to create the Karimoku60 items that best matched their interior.
Use the Color Simulator to find the best combination for your home.