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Brick-Block Chest


Brick-Block Chest


Made in Takayama, Japan, the Brick-Block Chest is part of the stylish and functional Brick-Block Collection. Make a statement by keeping organized and tidy. The Brick-Blocks are easily movable and stackable, to give you complete freedom in showcasing your favorite things. Their modular and compact design is ideal for organizing your urban living space - Tokyo style.

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In two sizes and three colors:
W350 D296 H350 mm
W14" x D12" x H14"
W350 D296 H700 mm
W14" x D12" x H28"
Oak in natural, light brown and black finish.
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The Maker | Nissin 

This simple yet beautiful chest is made by Nissin, a renowned furniture maker located in the craftsman town Hida Takayama in Japan. For over 70 years they have pursued the concept of “using traditional techniques to provide modern-style furniture that fits a modern lifestyle.” Skilled crafters;  best materials. Nissan spares no efforts in pursuing high quality and offers furniture that lets you feel the warmth of wood that will last for many years.

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