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CHRIS ZAMBON - Abstracts Collection


Chris Zambon is a color expressionist. She is represented in many galleries and corporate collections throughout the country and is in demand for her brilliant colored still lifes and vibrant landscapes. Bathed in a strong natural light source, the spontaneous brush work of Chris Zambon contains a luminous quality. The hues are priismatic and pure. Building quick energetic shapes to create rhythmic patterns, Zambon's paintings have a sense of movement and atmosphere akin to French Plein Air painting. Her style is loose and free flowing, making for an active surface, where the act of painting becomes self-evident and a true pleasure to witness.

Chris Zambon, born in Wisconsin, has always considered the landscape as a primary source of inspiration. Her usual practice is to create her work on location, experiencing all aspects of the scene with their impressions on her senses. Moving to California in 1986, Zambon studied at the California Institute of Art and states, "Color is my primary voice, after rhythm and form." Her personal favorite art historical periods are Impressionism, German Expressionism and American Abstract Expressionism. Each had a bond in common; the spontaneous application of unblended paint.

Chris Zambon lives in Hollywood, California. Although her work describes the natural world through landscapes and still lifes, she is not against exploring pure abstraction. Her vigorous brush work encourages response through color and mood, whether representational or abstract. Her voice is the spontaneous application of unblended paint.  Chris is a member of the Mount Washington Plein Air Painters. Currently her work may be seen at Kevin Barry Fine Art, West Hollywood, CA; Monarch Art, Van Nuys, CA; Paragon Fine Art, West Hollywood; Bev Fine Art, Raleigh, NC; Studio 84 West, Ojai, CA; The Clearance Company, Los Angeles; Vern Stein Fine Art, Williamsville, NY; Avenue Art, Appleton, WI; and on various TV shows.