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Crafted Wood Door and Furniture Knobs


Crafted Wood Door and Furniture Knobs

Drawing inspiration from nature and treasured memories, these door handles and knobs are sure to add beauty and interest to any space. Each piece is hand finished with an incredible level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which makes these items not only beautiful, but durable. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials are also available for you to choose from.

The door is the gateway that welcomes your guest or customer into your home or business, and therefore presents an opportunity for a great first impression. Make your visitors feel invited and intrigued with one of these beautiful pieces of "living art!"

Pavé Furniture Knob/Coat Hanger

W60mm x H52mm x D50mm, W2.4" x H2.1" x D2"

Oak / Cherry / Walnut

Pebble Furniture Knob/Coat Hanger

W95mm x H42mm x D36mm, W3.7" x H1.7" x D1.4"

Japanese Walnut 

Coffee Bean Furniture Knob/Coat Hanger

W78mm x H56mm x D33mm, W3.1" x H2.2" x D1.3"

Teak / Cherry / Walnut 

Leaf Furniture Knob

W108mm x H47mm x D25mm, W4.3" x H1.9" x D1"

Pitch = 40mm, Pitch = 1.6"

Oak / Cherry / Walnut 

Galet Door Knob

W50mm × H108mm × D55mm, W2" x H4.3" x D2.2"

Pitch = 28mm, Pitch = 1.1"

Oak / Cherry

* For Galet, price is for one pair for inside and outside of the door.

Diamant Door Knob

W60mm × H60mm × D50mm, W2.4" x H2.4" x D2"

Oak / Walnut

*For Diamant, price is for 1P.


The Maker | SugataKatachi

SugataKatachi is based in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture on the main island of Japan. Tochigi Prefecture is an area of historical importance that also boasts a fine tradition of craftsmanship. SugataKatachi aim to create beautiful forms that can be used in everyday life.


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