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KEVIN SPITZE - Rivers / Urban and Wild Collection


Kevin's life, education and years abroad have combined to inform his style. He has been inspired from many sources, from the Impressionists, Japanese esthetics, the Southwest, to his fellow painters. Capturing moments in time and space on canvas, Kevin’s art opens a window to his interpretation of the world.

Select Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibition, The Ebell of Los Angeles, 2015
Solo Exhibition, Los Angeles County Store, 2014
Avenue 50 Studio, Main Gallery, July 2014
M.A.N. Insurance, August 2014
Nature's Brew, near USC, February - April 2014
Siegel Gallery, Monrovia: Small Images, June & July 2013
Avenue 50 Studio Annex, August 2013
Space Gallery, South Pasadena: Southwest Loop Show, October 2012
South Pasadena Pop Up Gallery: TRAFFIC Show, October & November 2010
Brennart on Union Street, Pasadena, February 2008
Arroyo Arts Collective Annual Discovery Tour
2003 through 2014