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Kymm Swank is a self-taught artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She works primarily in oils, acrylics, and resins. She has shown her work throughout LA, most recently at WallspaceLA and Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Her paintings can also be seen on the sets of numerous TV shows including Newsroom, American Horror Story, and MadMen.

Kymm's artist statement: "We are continually creating physical and psychological structures to order and make sense of our inherently chaotic lives. Instinctively we seek the comfort of symmetry and patterns, yet what exists between those boxes, the spontaneous, unforeseeable and uncontrollable moments, can be extraordinary. I am interested in exploring the relationship between chaos and order. I am fascinated by things we construct to contain ourselves and the liminal spaces where our unruly lives erupt. The constantly evolving skyline of downtown Los Angeles is my inspiration as I attempt to express this abstract tension through simple, concrete form. I begin with a basic structure taken from, for example, an isolated office tower or a slice of a buildings facade with a series of windows. I work intuitively in the moment--- layering paint until a distinct rhythm between the line and color develops. The resulting juxtaposition of a rigid repetitious shape imposed upon deep vivid colors imparts a feeling of contained, yet potentially explosive energy."