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THE FIRST Chair 73


THE FIRST Chair 73


The FIRST CHAIR combines the best in ergonomic science and the finest materials to create a truly first- class seating experience. The FIRST CHAIR embodies unparalleled comfort, allowing you to seamlessly shift from upright to reclined positions simply by changing your posture. Without mechanical levers or knobs, this chair caters to your natural sitting habits by utilizing a unique design in the joint connecting the back and the seat that provides flexible lumbar support from a variety of angles. Made with high-quality leather and real wood, the FIRST CHAIR comes with a wide range of customization in terms of size and colors that will suit your taste. The FIRST CHAIR invites you to discover comfort unlike any other.

Small: W800 D740 H950 SH360mm

Medium: W800 D840 H1050 SH400mm

Large: W850 D880 H1110 SH400mm

Oak + Fabric / Leather

* Walnut / Cherry / Maple wood options also available. Please contact us for pricing.

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