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Kisaragi Sofa

Kisaragi Sofa


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The Kisaragi collection is an ode to a classic, yet underutilized wood in furniture. Kisaragi means “the renewal of plants” in Japanese, and this collection is named for its loving treatment of Japanese cedar. Each piece exudes a sense of refinement, showing off the textured colors and pleasant aroma unique to Japanese cedar. Typically speaking, Japanese cedar is a soft wood, but with an innovative treatment that compresses the wood, this set is engineered for durability, able to preserve the wood’s natural beauty for years.

The Designer | Motomi Kawakami

Renowned designer Motomi Kawakami has won numerous awards for his design prowess both in Japan and abroad, including the Japan Triennale Gold Prize and the IF prize in Germany. At a young age, he practiced at the Angello Mangiarotti Architect Office in Milan. 

W1735 D795 H785 mm
SH 400 mm
AH 510 mm
W68" x D31" x H31" 
Compressed Cedar (polyurethane resin finish) + Fabric / Leather
* 3-seater (W1935) also available.
The Maker | Hida 
This beautiful yet practical sofa is made by Hida Sangyo, a well respected furniture maker in Takayama, Japan, which has been building fine furniture for almost a century. It began when two travelers came to the town of Hida Takayama, a mountainous area near the Northern Japanese Alps, and passed down the technique of Western bentwood furniture. From here, a furniture company was born.  To this day, Hida continues merge western aesthetics with traditional Japanese crafts techniques and local materials. 

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