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White Wood Arm Chair Type II


White Wood Arm Chair Type II

The White Wood Arm Chair features unique black walnut arm rest tips inspired by the color contrast of an acorn. The weight of this chair is under 7.5 lbs. It is easy to move and is possible to hang the whole chair on the dining table when you need to sweep the floor. Perfect for daily use. The angle of the curved seat back is carefully calculated to fit the body. The seat cover is removable for cleaning.

The White Wood Arm Chair also has a all-oak version with a wider seat back design. This version offers 8 different color finish for you to choose from.

The Designer | Hiroshi Yajima

W575 D500 H730 mm
SH 430 mm
AH 685 mm

W23" x D22" x H29"



Oak + Walnut: 3.4 kg / 7.5lbs
All Oak: 3.5 kg / 8lbs

All Oak / Oak + Walnut Arm + Fabric / Leather 

ON                     TE                      ONC
  Oak ONC
OL                     WNO                  MBK
Oil Finish           Soap Finish
Walnut WN
The Maker | Nissin 
This simple yet beautiful chair is made by Nissin, a renowned furniture maker located in the craftsman town Hida Takayama in Japan. For over 70 years they have pursued the concept of “using traditional techniques to provide modern-style furniture that fits a modern lifestyle.” Skilled crafters;  best materials. Nissin spares no efforts in pursuing high quality and offers furniture that lets you feel the warmth of wood that will last for many years.

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