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This award-winning wooden chair represents how the environment and sustainability have become increasingly important in the world of design, and how the top furniture makers in Japan are investing in new techniques to realize their design visions.

"Kinoe," which means "tree branch" in Japanese, is a 2016 collection that features a unique top rail made of cedar and cypress branches, which were previously seen as "useless waste" by the timber industry. The maker took on the challenge of processing a material of non-uniform shape, and succeeded in making this beautiful chair.

The tree branches used for the top rail are polished and perfectly smooth while keeping their natural shapes. No two Kinoe Chairs are exactly the same. 

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The Designer | Ibuki Kaiyama
The eclectic designer Ibuki Kaiyama went to Tokyo University of Art for graduate school studying design.  He tries to explore new possibilities of wood in not only his fine art and crafts pieces, but also in his unique product designs.

W410 D500 H855 mm
SH420 mm

W16" x D20" x H34" 

Top Rail: Cedar / Cypress branch
Spindles & Legs: Beech
Seat: Chestnut

The Maker | Hida 
This unique yet practical chair is made by Hida Sangyo, a well respected furniture maker in Takayama, Japan, which has been building fine furniture for almost a century. It began when two travelers came to the town of Hida Takayama, a mountainous area near the Northern Japanese Alps, and passed down the technique of Western bentwood furniture. From here, a furniture company was born.  To this day, Hida continues merge western aesthetics with traditional Japanese crafts techniques and local materials. 

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