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ACCENT Sarusuwari Cushion Chair


ACCENT Sarusuwari Cushion Chair


The SARUSUWARI chair is perfect for children, as it is soft and close to the ground. But it is also suitable for adults who favor sititng on the floor, or who may be joining their child to play! 

φ310 H185 mm
1.3 kg 

φ12" x H7"


Fabric + Urethane foam

Designer | Makoto Koizumi


The Maker | Nissin 

This simple and fun cushion is made by Nissin, a renowned furniture maker located in the craftsman town Hida Takayama in Japan. For over 70 years they have pursued the concept of “using traditional techniques to provide modern-style furniture that fits a modern lifestyle.” Skilled crafters;  best materials. Nissan spares no efforts in pursuing high quality and offers furniture that lets you feel the warmth of wood that will last for many years.

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