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Stacking Kids Chair


Stacking Kids Chair


This stacking chair is a perfect fit for toddlers and small children.

Year 1
W305  D270  H375mm
SH165 AH265 mm

W12" x D11" x H15" 

SH6.5" x AH10"
Year 2
W305 D270 H400 mm
SH215 mm

W12" x D11" x H16" 

Year 3
W325  D315  H445 mm
SH240 mm

W13" x D12" x H17.5" 

Year 4
W325 D315 H465 mm
SH260 mm

W13" x D12" x H18" 

Year 5
W325 D320 H485 mm
SH280 mm

Beech / Beech + Compressed Cedar

The Maker | Hida 

This beautiful yet practical kid's chair is made by Hida Sangyo, a well respected furniture maker in Takayama, Japan, which has been building fine furniture for almost a century. It began when two travelers came to the town of Hida Takayama, a mountainous area near the Northern Japanese Alps, and passed down the technique of Western bentwood furniture. From here, a furniture company was born.  To this day, Hida continues merge western aesthetics with traditional Japanese crafts techniques and local materials. 

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