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White Wood Carve Bench


White Wood Carve Bench

This streamlined wooden bench features a slight V-shape seat for stability and comfort. As a symbol of the White Wood Collection, walnut is used at the joints of the two seat panels. The support beam is installed between the bench legs with fox wedged tenons, which not only added the strength of the structure but also is a nice design details. This bench has 4 different width to match your dining table.

The Designer | Hiroshi Yajima

W1300/1450/1600/1800 D320 H420 mm
W51"/57"/63"/71" x D13" x H16.5"
ON                     TE                      ONC
  Oak ONC
OL                     WNO                  MBK
The Maker | Nissin 
This simple yet beautiful bench is made by Nissin, a renowned furniture maker located in the craftsman town Hida Takayama in Japan. For over 70 years they have pursued the concept of “using traditional techniques to provide modern-style furniture that fits a modern lifestyle.” Skilled crafters;  best materials. Nissin spares no efforts in pursuing high quality and offers furniture that lets you feel the warmth of wood that will last for many years.

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