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Makie Lacquer Bowl


Makie Lacquer Bowl


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Japanese Lacquer ware

Wooden bowls have the advantage of law thermal conductivity: it is not too hot to hold them even when there are hot things inside and also they do not cool down too soon. Moreover, compared with ceramic and porcelain tableware, they are very light and easy to hold up to drink. Therefore they are effortlessly functional to all kinds of people including delicate people such as infants etc,. Wood does have the disadvantage of being undurable by itself; however, it is perfectly compensated by Japanese lacquer that has been applied from ancient times. Japanese lacquer is not only waterproof and antiseptic but also chemical-proof against acid, alkali, alcohol, and so on. This Bowl Series pursues easiness to hold and smoothness to drink, taking such advantage of wood and Japanese lacquer. The thin, curved edge of the bowl is meant to make it smooth to drink. The large café au lait bowls have achieved a non-slippery, firm surface by having handmade Japanese paper pasted on the outside.

Despite the general impression, lacquer bowls are easy to handle. Kitchen detergents can be used to wash away oil stain. Use of scrubbing brush and hard sponge should be avoided to prevent damage. Use of dishwasher and dish drier should also be avoided, and they should not be kept in water for a long time. With these rules followed, they can last for a decade and they can also be repaired if there happens any damage. So please feel at ease to use them.


C105 H68 mm

Exterior: black hand-rubbed natural Japanese lacquer

Interior: Makie finish

Two shapes

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